sonja mense
digital art & illustration

Sonja Mense is living, drawing and working in the heart of the Münsterland as a designer, illustrator and visual artist. Her special interest lies in the translation of visual forms of any representation within diffrent disciplines such as design, illustration, digital art and science communication. She is experimenting and working both in free projects and in close discoure with other creatives and researchers at the intersection of art, scienc and natur. With her strongly conceptual approch she would like to combine scientific research, analogue drawings and new technologies to create new visual experiences that make the invisible visible and thinkable. 

Sonja is currently studying design in the master's program at the university of applied sciences bielefeld. She investigates the natural growth structures of Lichen and how analogue drawings can be translated into digital space to enable new ways of perception in science communication.Please get in touch for further information or collaborative inquiries.